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According to, you never have to worry about shopping, because they have your back? Very funny. I bought quite a few items from at the end of 2016 and into the new year of 2017. I bought a few little items that I was pleased with. They were quirky, like the little silicone multi-colored tea strainers that looked like little men hanging on the side of your tea cup, or the little rechargeable helicopter light up ball toys for my kids to play with... These were fine all in all... nothing high quality, but functionable, and cute, and didn't cost much in price per item, or shipping expenses.

Then, I got completely suckered... I seen some large wall decals that were Nintendo Mario scene decals for a kid's room. I was so pleased to find these at a price of like $5.00 U.S. dollars a set, because most like these go for $25.00 to $35.00 a sheet on Amazon or Ebay. Since I sell a few things every once in awhile on Ebay myself, and have listed a couple times on Amazon as well, I thought to myself, I'll by 4 or 5 of these sets, and I will keep a set for my boys, and sell the others for a little profit. If they sold well for me, then I'd reorder and do the same.

Never had a chance, since I never received the sets of decals I ordered. With what I paid for the individual sets, and the shipping I was out over $30.00. I was pissed off, and even more so by how everything transpired. I placed the original order January 20, 2017. Then I followed my information regarding my order updates:

Tracking #: RR813223175VU

Carrier Site

Latest Update

Jan 29, 2017

In Transit - Processed Through Facility

Location: TEBAKOR (PORT VILA) MAIL CENTRE, VANUATU, Processed Through Facility

Jan 29, 2017

Tracking Info Received - Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

Location: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

Jan 23, 2017

In Transit - Acceptance

Location: VANUATU, Acceptance

Jan 21, 2017

Processing Order

Jan 20, 2017

Placed Order

Then I received a notice, stating there was a delay in the shipment:

Feb 26, 2017

Wish Support said:

Thank you for using Geek! We'd like you to know that your order may arrive a bit late. Please let us know if you have already received this order.

Did you find this helpful:Yes-No

Feb 26, 2017

Cno Eway said:

No, I haven't got the item. I would like to wait a bit longer.

Meanwhile, I am waiting, without any worries, because I received my other trivial little items, right? Right... no worries... There had been a couple delays on two other items I ordered, so I wasn't worried, but I should have been. In fact, I should have been like *** no, I don't want to wait, because they didn't honor my business to them at all.

I waited, waited, and waited some more. I had the store who sent the decals out have this auto-message they probably send out to all customers if you received your merchandise yet... I responded with no... I checked back on the in transit updates, and went to a link that was available for the carrier site, plugged in the tracking number, and it said they couldn't give an update on the status of where my package was. I contacted asking for help resolving this, and I was denied.

(My note to support)

This order was placed back on January 20, 2017. It was supposed to have been here in February. I have given this order plenty of time to arrive, and it never has. I've had a couple of previous items I ordered with take up to 2-5 weeks longer to arrive, but now it's been 2 months longer than I expected, and I've never received this product. I either want this to be shipped out again, or a full refund to be processed back to my PayPal account to be submitted as soon as possible. I have been more than patient. I'm not accepting that a payment was processed, but I don't have the product I paid for. Please address this in an urgent manner.

The response I received from

Hello Cno,

I understand how you feel that you did not receive the item you've purchased.

Please know that users are given 30 days from the latest delivery date for them to contact Wish Customer Service.

It's hard for us to inform you about our 30-day policy since you have been a loyal customer. What I recommend for your future purchases is to contact us as soon as possible since our 30-day policy covers all item sold.

I sincerely apologize and thank you for understanding. Feel free to contact us again if there's anything we can do to assist you.


Wish Customer Service Team


I sent them a reply:

I ordered this item in multiple quantities, listed on the order form of the wall mural stickers back in January 2017. I bought several of them plus paid extra for the shipping. I was given an original "estimated" delivery date of Feb 27th from the date I purchased them. (In fine print it also stated estimated delivery dates were not accurate, and shipping times varied due to how seller chooses to ship merchandise.) On Feb 26, you guys sent me a notice telling me that my item would be arriving several weeks later than expected, and when I take a look at the available tracking information it was showing it to be processing. It had not left the country at all, and had no other information to be given at that time in Feb. It asked me if I had received those items, and I used your own internal responses of No, I had NOT received the item and I wished to wait. I did this more than once. So wait, I did.... I waited, and waited, and watched the processing of the shipping order and responded to you guys asking where it was in April. Then I get some lame response back telling me you have a 30 day policy, and won't issue a refund or anything.... You MISLEAD your customers when you tell them your order is being processed, and YOU state that it is coming late to you, giving the customer some assurance they are going to receive their order EVENTUALLY.... Then you deny a refund or a replacement. Really nice business practices, and looking out for the customers using your website. So much for your claims about worry free shopping and such! The package either was damaged and set back to the seller, or stolen in transit. Everyone involved sees that my parcel never reached the destination of where it was supposed to arrive in the USA, and yet I don't deserve a refund or a replacement of the product, and am supposed to be happy and continue using your website and doing business with you? Buyer beware of dubious retailers like you!

I would not recommend them as a trustworthy website to shop from. The quality of their products varies, no guarantees you won't get junky cheap made products or something that will work. My other example is that something from that same order purchase I made, came from another "store" supplier, and it was this pen, which had a built in mic/cam inside the top. It came with a USB cord, and built in memory of 8 GB if memory serves me correctly. I was intrigued to find out if it worked, and bought it for my husband to use at work, if it did work like it was supposed to. It was one of the items that did come about 2 months after I ordered it, and I nearly gave up on it too. Finally it got to me, and then that pen was nothing grand, but I charged it, read the instructions which were straight forward, and easily operable. It could take pics, do a short video, or just take an audio file. It literally worked one time on the audio test, and then nothing... It never worked doing anything again. It never took video, pics, or another audio file. I wasn't out a huge amount of money for then pen, but the shop wasn't replacing the malfunctioning pen cam. Between the two experiences with a broken product that didn't do as advertised, and not receiving a multi quantity, and being out about $50.00 for the whole experience, please learn from my lesson and don't buy from them. They take your money, and once it's gone, it's gone... It's just money lost for you, and a so-called sales scam won for them.

Reason of review: Multiple, from delayed delivery, to never receiving items, being told to wait, it was on it's way, never arrived, never refunded, denied any helpful customer service, and then told about some 30 day policy when they were postponing delivery dates!.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Geek Com Cons: No refund or replacement when product never came.

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