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Be aware of the following if you wish to order merchandise from Geek:

1. Almost every times listed on the website is sold by a separate Chinese company. Returns and/or refunds are at the discretion of the Chinese vendor. Don't fall for the Geek statement "We have Your Back."

2. Don't trust the online reviews of merchandise. Every item receives 5 stars and every comments is remarkably similar. You will never find on outright negative review.

3. Don't put any trust in Geek's estimated time of delivery. They have no idea what happens to orders once they leave China and will often ask you, as the buyer, if you have received the item.

4. Some items get lost and never are delivered. If you try to get a refund, good luck (see #1 above).

5. There is no quality control since you do not buy directly from Geek but from Chinese companies whose names are indecipherable.

6. You can never speak to a person to vet a complaint. Rather, you will be bounced from one server to another.

7. Each item's price, as posted on the website, is usually incorrect. Carefully review the final price before you order. Prices mysteriously jump up based on unexplained factors such as price or color.

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